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You think you know fantasy sports? You say you’re the best?  Prove it.  To be crowned a fantasy guru, The Superdraft is a must.

THE DRAFT:  Your League’s Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey teams are constructed within the same draft.  You best do your homework and bring your hardhat on draft day, because it’s a 66 round draft.  So who do you take with the #1 overall pick? Antonio Brown? Steph Curry? Mike Trout? Sydney Crosby?  The possibilities are 4 times greater, the different strategies employed are limitless.  There probably is a limit, but we haven’t come close to exhausting it yet.

THE SEASON:  The Superdraft season begins with the football season and ends with the conclusion of the following baseball season.  i.e. the season lasts about 14 months for anyone that’s counting.

OBJECTIVE:  While its nice to win an individual sport’s championship (does provide you some bragging rights along with a return of your buy in), the objective is to finish the Superdraft season with the highest Superdraft point total (Outlined in the Official Superdraft Rulebook)

CO-MANAGERS:  Not many of us are fantasy aficionados on all 4 sports.  Hence almost every current Superdraft team is co-owned by at least 2 owners, some even have 3 or 4 owners.  This creates an additional dynamic as we consider this the first ever team-oriented fantasy sport.

INTER-SPORT TRADES:  Inter-sport trades add a new level of complexity to the fantasy spectrum.  Imagine yourself at The Football trade deadline sitting in 7th place… are you a buyer or a seller?  Are you going to accept that mediocre offer and trade away Deandre Hopkins and Buster Posey for an aging Carmelo Anthony and Wilson Ramos.  Or are you going for broke and trading off Kevin Durant and Lamarcus Aldridge for Leveon Bell?  Only one way to find out…

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