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Learn the ins and outs of The Post, what it means to Post, and all of the terminology in between

The Post:  Common nickname used for The Post Sports Bar & Grill.  

Johnny Post:  The Post  Sports Bar & Grill’s mascot.  Johnny is the heart and soul of The Post.  Johnny is always smiling because let’s face it, life is good!

Legend of the Post:  A historical satire on how The Post Sports Bar & Grill concept came to be.

PostMobile:  The name of our delivery vans.  If you haven’t tried them yet, our boxed lunch menu and our catering menu are a pleasant surprise!

Post SB&G:  Short for The Post Sports Bar & Grill.  Text message campaigns are prefaced by this acronym.

Post Lingo

Rewards Races:  Part of our loyalty program.  A spending competition amongst individuals or like groups of individuals.  Contest details (duration, prizes, and number of winners) can always be found on our website when a contest is live.  Guests are required to have an MVP account in order to participate.  The following rewards races are offered:

Rookie:  A new hire in training.  Rookies will be wearing Rookie attire until they have successfully completed all elements (including tests) of their department’s Training Camp.

Draft Force:  Our fantasy draft board software.

Training Camp:  Structured training period for each department (Waitress, Bar, Kitchen).  Training Camp includes:  orientation, training, and test taking.  Each department’s Training Camp is unique to that department

Training Captain:  Staff Member(s) officially in charge of training for a department (Bar, Waitress, Kitchen) are given the Training Captain Title.  Training Captains are typically at the highest pay grade within the department.  Training Captains wear Training Captain attire when training.

World’s First Fantasy Sports Bar:  The Post Sports Bar & Grill is officially the very first sports bar to integrate fantasy sports into it’s concept.   NBC Washington  

Post Trivia Night:  Live trivia on Wednesday nights.  Free to play.  Winning team each round wins a free bucket of beer.  Winning team on the night wins a $50 gift card

Post Trivia Season:  A series of 10 trivia weeks.  Teams attaining a perfect attendance record are awarded a free Pizza & Pitcher party at season’s end.  The championship team at each location is awarded a $$$ gift card.  Championship team earns the right to play in all future Post annual Trivia Cup Championships.

Restaurant Olympics:  Our staff contest held once every 4 months to determine our most skilled bartender, cook, and servers are.  The store amassing the most points is deemed the restaurant olympics champion.

Trademarked Slogans


LAGER:  the Post’s Philosophical approach to communication