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Restaurant Policies

Gameday & Trivia Policy

Includes all Trivia, STL playoff games, Mizzou bowl games, & other Major Sporting Events as deemed by management:

  • We do not accept reservations on gamedays
  • To hold more than one table, half the number of people as chairs need to be present (ex:  3 people can hold a table of 6, but not of 8)
  • We reserve the right to set a minimum spend of $10/person on days we operate at max capacity

Store Closing Policy

  • Gameday & Hometeam Games:  The Post will remain open after normal closing hours for the duration of a major international USA sporting event, major sporting event (ex. World Series) or hometeam game.
  • Monday Holiday 3-Day Weekends:  Last call will not occur before midnight on the Sunday night of a Monday holiday 3-day weekend.

Direct TV Carriers

We carry Direct TV for our TV services at The Post Sports Bar & Grill. We do not carry Dish Network or any other major provider, so we apologize for any mis-information out on the web that we do not have any control over. We do have all the wonderful sports channels and packages Direct TV offers, so enjoy and Stay Posted!

Watch Party Policy

To guarantee audio volume and tables for your group:

  • Minimum of 15 people
  • No Major Sporting Events occurring at the same time

Pay-Per-View Fights

We don’t show pay-per-view fights since bars and restaurants get charged a fee according to their total capacity. It costs thousands of dollars to a show a fight in a bar our size and we’d have to charge cover and table fees to make it worthwhile for us, which is something we’re not looking to do. Do enjoy the big fight, though, and come Post Up afterwards!

March Madness Projector Policy

  • Hometown teams:  Slu and Mizzou are top priority when they are in the tournament.  Their games are played in their entirety on the projector.
  • Blow out rule:  Our primary goal is to catch all buzzer beater and end of game action.  Any game with a 20 point or more deficit and less than 5 minutes left to play will be changed to a more competitive game.
  • Other Sports:  Other sporting events such as Hockey games will not be played on the projector while a March Madness game is televised

Happy Hour Specials

They don’t apply to carry out orders unless at least one beverage is purchased.


% off Discounts don’t apply to specials.  They only apply to regular priced items.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service at any time for unruly or offensive behavior.  So don’t mess with the servers and bartenders.

Age Limit Sitting at Bar

All guests sitting directly at the bar beginning at 6pm or later must be 21+ years old.

Vaping & Smoking policy

We do not allow cigarettes, vaping, e-cigarettes, or any other smoking devices to be used anywhere inside The Post OR out on the patio.   Thank you for honoring this!


Pet Policy

Only dogs are allowed on the outdoor patio. Dogs are not allowed on the outdoor patio after 5pm.

Dogs must be on a leash. Poorly behaved dogs will be asked to leave.

Pizza Party Policy

We offer pizza parties in the way of donations, prizes, and Fantasy Season Ticket Purchase.

General pizza party restrictions

  • Pizza party grants the certificate user up to $200 in pizza, select domestic draft beers, house spirits, and sodas in a 2 hour time span
  • Pizzas may not be ordered for carryout

Additional restrictions for Donated and Fantasy Season Ticket pizza parties

  • Must contact The Post to schedule pizza party and place pizza order (Exception to this stipulation exists for the end of trivia season pizza party as those are prescheduled events)
  • Blackout days exist (ex: no NFL playoffs)
  • The Post reserves the right to reschedule reservation due to sports scheduling conflict

Additional restrictions for Trivia Season pizza parties

  • Pizza party takes place from 8pm-10pm
  • Must place pizza order last week of trivia season
  • Two topping pizzas only
  • Trivia team members only

Reservation Policy

Do we accept reservations?
We do accept room reservations (not table reservations) outside of certain blackout days

What are the blackout days?

  • Hometeam playoff games
  • March Madness basketball games
  • Major national sporting events (may vary from store to store)

What comes with a room reservation?

  • Private room great for up to 25-30 individuals (May reserve both rooms to accommodate groups of up to 70)
  • Plenty of TV screens with your choice of what to watch
  • Your choice of sound (TV or music)
  • Customizable Philips Hues lighting system to personalize the ambience (Let us know if you have a color scheme in mind)
  • A great catering menu (you can always order from the regular menu as well)
  • Daily specials always apply (check out specials page
  • Easy access HDMI connection to main TV (Great for presentations and slideshows)

Is there a reservation fee or down payment?
No reservation fee!  No down payments!

Is there anything else I should know?
Minimum reservation length of 2 hours.  We also use a minimum spend policy to cover the opportunity cost of lost sales resulting from not being able to seat other guests in the room during your event.  This means we require that your party’s bill subtotal reach a minimum sales level

Minimum Spend Policy

  • Monday, Tuesday & Non football Sundays:  $75/hr minimum spend (may vary by store)
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Football Sundays:  $100/hr minimum spend (may vary by store)
  • Blackout Days:  We do not accept reservations on major gamedays (Hometeam playoff games, March madness, etc).  If a reservation happens to fall on one of these blackout days due to reservation taking place prior to schedule release, The Post will honor the reservation but the minimum spend is increased to $250/hr regardless of the day and time of the reservation.
  • Minimum spend is calculated based on the reservation, NOT the actual duration of your party.
  • If your party’s bill subtotal does not reach the minimum spend, you will be required to pay the difference and a gift card will be issued to you in that amount.

Split Checks

We will happily split checks for our patrons.  Split checks can be performed in one of two ways

  1. Multiple cards can be used to pay a single tab.  When this is performed guests need to let the server know what $ amount to authorize on each credit card.
  2. splitting the tab into separate tabs by dividing the tab into halves (or thirds, fourths, etc).  Due to limitations with the point of sale system,  we are not able to split pizzas in this manner.  

Holidays Closed for Business

We are closed on the following holidays:

  • Easter Sunday – except if a Blues playoff game or Cardinals opening day falls on this day.
  • July 4th – Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day