Currently Closed - Opens at: 11am


  • Free to play!
  • Wednesday nights from 8pm – 10pm
  • 5 rounds, 10 questions per round
  • Winning team each round wins a free bucket!
  • Winning team at end of night wins a $50 gift card!

NOTE: Trivia is always cancelled when it coincides with major sporting events (usually home team post-season games). In the event of a cancelled trivia night, the trivia season is extended by one week in order to make up for the lost week. From our extensive trivia hosting experience, we have compiled a list of major sporting events where trivia will be cancelled (see below)

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Trivia Cancellation Dates

  • Cardinals Playoffs
  • Blues Playoffs
  • Mizzou Football Bowl Game
  • Mizzou Men’s Conference Basketball Tournament Game (when team is good)
  • SLU Men’s Conference Basketball Tournament Game (when team is good)
  • Braggin’ Rights Men’s Basketball Game, Mizzou v. Illinois
  • Game 7 of the World Series when it’s Cubs or Royals (experience has prepared us)
  • Holidays that fall on Wednesdays (Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, January 1st, New Year’s Eve)
  • Wednesday before the start of the NFL season

Trivia Season

  • Time Frame:  Each trivia season lasts 10 weeks.
  • Prizes:  Top teams at the end of the season compete for additional Gift Card prizes.
  • Scoring:  The team with the most points is crowned as the Trivia Season Champion & gets its team name engraved into the Bar Plaque! Each question answered correctly =1pt.  Each round won = 5pts.
  • Team Name:  In order to accumulate points, you MUST keep your same team name throughout the course of the season.
  • Perfect Attendance:  All teams with a perfect attendance record get a free pass to our Trivia Post-Season Pizza & Beer Party! Perfect Attendance equals 9 out of the 10 weeks.
  • Makeup Weeks:  If Trivia night is cancelled at a location, the makeup week is held during what would usually be the off week. If a second makeup week is needed, it is held during what is usually just the pizza party.

Trivia Policy

  • We do not accept reservations on gamedays
  • To hold more than one table, half the number of people as chairs need to be present (ex:  3 people can hold a table of 6, but not of 8)
  • We reserve the right to set a minimum spend of $10/person on days we operate at max capacity