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Rewards Races

Sign up for an MVP account.  Attach your MVP rewards card.  Get rewarded.   Ask a staff member for a Rewards card if you don’t have one

MVP Account Benefits

  • Spending Bonus – $5 credit for every $100 spent.
  • Visit Bonus – $5 credit for every 10 visits
  • Additional Discounts – discounts granted at various times throughout the year
  • Rewards Race Access – Access granted to MVP Race, MVT Race, MVL Races, Industry Race, and our Trivia Seasons

Credits expire after one year

Rewards Races are The Post’s loyalty program on steroids.  Compete against other groups and organizations for great prizes in addition to the MVP account benefits you already receive!

Users must have an MVP account in order to participate in our Rewards Races.

MVP Race

Most Valuable Poster:  Guests compete against against other guests:

1) Total amount of money spent
2) Total number of visits

Pick up your MVP Card at The Post and register online to participate

MVT Race

Most Valuable Team:  Sports teams compete against other sports teams for sponsorships and prizes

Register your team.  Invite team members to join your team.  Post up and your team gets rewarded for it.

MVL Race

Most Valuable League:  Fantasy Leagues compete against other fantasy leagues for prizes throughout the fantasy season

Register your league.  Invite team members to join your league.  Post up and your league gets rewarded for it.

Industry Race

Restaurant & bar employees compete against their rival restaurants & bars for prizes.

Register your restaurant/bar.  Invite fellow employees to join.  Post up and get rewarded for it.

You already eat here, why not get rewarded?

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