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MVT Races

Play on a Sports Team?  Looking for Sponsorships?  Want Prizes?  Join our MVT Races!  

WHAT do you win?

  • Cash sponsorships
  • Team jerseys
  • Gift cards
  • Team discounts
  • Pizza & pitcher parties
  • And more!

HOW do you win?

The MVT Race is a spending competition between recreational sports teams.  It’s like a loyalty program on steroids.   Spend Money at The Post to rack up points.  $10 = 1 point

WHO can win

All registered teams at The Post are eligible for the contests and awards.  To register a team, you must have an MVP account.  We currently accept the following sports teams:  Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Dodgeball, Football, Hockey, Kickball, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball

Contest details

All contest details and contest standings can be found on our website

  • Contest start date
  • Contest end date
  • Prize(s)
  • Number of winners


Give your team the best chance at winning contests, get as many team members to sign up for your team as possible!  And remember, you don’t need to come up as a team in order to rack up points… you can come up for a company happy hour and put your MVP card down for the entire bill to really rack up the points!