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Friends, we have an incredible opportunity to bring Major League Soccer to St. Louis!  
The St. Louis soccer community is one of the largest and most passionate in the country.  Together, we have a chance to utilize that passion to bring a Major League Soccer franchise and state-of-the-art soccer stadium right here in our city.  On April 4th, St. Louis City residents will vote on propositions one and two.  If both of these pass – construction of a soccer stadium will begin in St. Louis.  So vote YES to proposition one and two on April 4th.  
Not a single cent of your money will be used for the stadium, as the money to finance the bonds will be paid for by a business tax on their purchases of out-of–state goods and services. 
The election will be VERY close! The St. Louis soccer community has the chance to make the difference in bringing the MLS to STL. If you are not registered to vote, the deadline is March 8th.  We need your support!