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Happy Hour

Progressive Happy Hour-ing

Ever heard of Progressive Happy Hour-ing?  It’s fun.  It’s yummy.  It’s legit.  It’s a thing.  Everyone’s doing it.  You should get on board… Monday-Friday  

2pm-7Pm:  $5 select appetizers
5 hours of your favorite appetizers priced at $5.  The foundation of a good happy hour is in place.

2pm-3pm:  $1.00 domestic draft beer & house liquors
We’re giving the place away at $1 beers and house liquors!?!   Let the Progressive Happy Hour-ing commence!

3pm-4pm:  $1.50 domestic draft beer & house liquors
Your friends who couldn’t leave work as early but want to get in on the Progressive Happy Hour-ing start to join the party.

4pm-5pm:  $2.00 domestic draft beer & house liquors
As a kid you were watching saved by the bell.  As an adult, there is no more bell.  You’re just Posting up, watching sports and embracing Progressive Happy Hour.

5pm-6pm:  $2.50 domestic draft beer & house liquors
Your other friends who aren’t aware that Progressive Happy Hour-ing is a thing start to show up.  Despite the late start they amazingly still have two hours of Progressive Happy Hour-ing to celebrate.

6pm-7pm:  $3.00 domestic draft beer & house liquors
You still have an hour left to decide whether it’s time to go home for dinner or to Stay Posted for the night game… If you can’t make up your mind ask your bartender for a quarter.  (Disclaimer:  Before flipping quarter we suggest calling spouse/significant other first)


Post a picture of your happy hour shenanigans to social media using #ProgressiveHappyHour for a chance to win a trip to Vegas!