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Letter from the CEO… #All4PostPost4All

March 19th, 2020

Letter from the CEO

Dear Valued Guests and fellow “Posters”
The purpose of this letter is twofold:

First, I want to thank you, our valued guests, family and friends, for your past and continuing loyalty and support over the years. 

Second, I want to advise you of key measures we are taking here at The Post to contend with the dire effects of our nation’s required response to the COVID-19 threat.

As we continue receiving updates about COVID-19 from the authorities, our concerns about the pandemic along with its hazards to our health and economy are foremost on our mind.  The situation is changing daily, which is demonstrated by the difference from its relative state just a week ago.  It seems a lifetime to me since the NBA made the announcement to suspend its season.  In reality that occurred just 8 days ago and then the NHL and NCAA followed suit the next day.  My major concern at that moment was the inevitable (and dramatic) decrease in patronage we would experience over what would normally be the weeks and months on which The Post Sports Bar & Grill thrives. Our guests are now denied their favorite sports venue for following these sporting events.

Unfortunately, until now it has been too easy for us as a community to disregard in whole or in part the recommendations and guidelines from the CDC.   Many have believed (wishfully) that the virus isn’t a serious threat, or that it’s someone else’s problem.  Admittedly and ashamedly I was at fault for this until 8 days ago when I started feeling the ripple effects.

After much contemplation about how to most effectively, responsibly and safely operate under the current circumstances, I’d like to share my vision of how we will weather this crisis together and rise above it.  With the elimination of dine-in services at bars and restaurants now in effect today, The Post will implement new measures to support our loyal employees and patrons.

The pandemic presents all of us with our own unique set of fears and challenges.  School closings have parents struggling to figure out how to manage their children.  Leaders in the workplace struggle to keep their employees safe.  Employees in different sectors are struggling with the uncertainty of their job status.  Sit -down restaurants and bars (including The Post) are struggling mightily with the mandate to eliminate dine-in services and how that affects their ability to remain in business and continue employing staff members.  I know that in the most challenging of cases, people are grappling with the loss of a loved one (our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who has suffered the loss of a friend or family member to COVID-19).

The Post is an organization that is interdependent with the wellbeing of our community.  As such we currently have a responsibility to promote social distancing for as long as the public health authorities advise. Therefore on Tuesday we began temporarily suspending our dine-in services for at least several weeks (as is now currently required by authorities).  We must however prepare for the possibility that this may last for several months.  During this period of time we will be offering curbside carry out as well as delivery service.  

As a precautionary measure for curbside carry out orders, we will ask that guests open their trunk so our employees can place the order in the trunk to avoid any direct contact and keep a recommended safe distance for our patrons’ sake.  We further ask that orders be placed online so that no physical exchange of credit card and/or cash is made.

We also have an obligation to the well-being of our employees.  They’re the ones primarily responsible for The Post’s continued success.  More than that however, they are family in a certain sense.  And family members look out for one another.   We’ve taken extensive measures to ensure a safe and sanitized working environment.  But preventative measures can’t offer guarantees.  As such, we’ve offered full time salaried employees the option to receive a one-month severance along with reinstatement of their job once the pandemic is behind us.

In addition, during these trying times The Post will be allocating 20% of all carryout sales to our employees we’ve been forced to place on an indefinite leave of absence (about 75% of our company workforce).  This will remain effective until our community is safe enough for all preventative measures to be lifted.  At that point, The Post will reinstate its traditional services, bring those leave of absence employees back on board, and once again invite our guests to “Stop Hosting and Start Posting”. 

Brighter days are ahead for all of us, we just have to pull together and rely on each other to get there!  I know we can do it!


“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it”  – Charles Swindoll


Adrian Glass
Founder & CEO
The Post Sports Bar & Grill



  The Post Sports Bar & Grill Out of Work Employees illustrating how our Curbside Carryout and Delivery Promotion Benefits them amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Creve Coeur

The Post Sports Bar & Grill Out of Work Employees illustrating how our Curbside Carryout and Delivery Promotion Benefits them amidst the COVID-19 crisis


The Post Sports Bar & Grill Out of Work Employees illustrating how our Curbside Carryout and Delivery Promotion Benefits them amidst the COVID-19 crisis