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#All4PostPost4All giving back to our employees!

March 19th, 2020


Initiative Summary
  • 20% of ALL carryout sales at any Post Sports Bar & Grill location will be paid out to all employees who have been recently placed on a leave of absence.
  • Employees will be paid every Tuesday for the preceding week’s sales
  • You will soon be able to view the initiative’s success on our homepage.  As you are the ones helping these employees, we want you to have access to the results of your efforts!
  • This program starts today and will last until dine-in services once again become available
Guest Incentives
We know you are helping us and our employees out in this time of need, In addition to thanking you we want to offer some tokens of gratitude
  • Receive a free cheesesteak certificate with every carry out order greater than $50
  • Receive a free Togo fountain soda with the purchase of every kids meal.  
  • We will extend the expiration date of all Pizza and Pitcher Party Donations expiring in 2020.  The new expiration date will be March 18th of 2021.    
Gift Cards
  • Many of you have asked for a way to purchase gift cards.  Here’s a direct link to our gift cards.
Social Tipping
    • Bars and restaurants are closing in St.Louis and talented hospitality industry members are being put on leave of absence or laid off entirely… help counter the negative effects of social distancing by participating in social tipping!

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