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10 Drunkest Cities in America

November 30th, 2017

Since the begining of this great American experiment we have been imbibing alcohol. So much so that at one point we all got together and said “OK, enough is enough” and prohibition was inacted. Then our fore-fathers had the good insight to realize that if we are going to get through what seems to always inevitably be a tough way, we were going to need some type of elixir.

As craft breweris pop up in what seems to be every city of every state and State Universities are fueling adolescent drinking it leaves one wondering, what might be the drunkest cities in America. Well wonder no longer because someone did a study and we are here to give you the skinny.

Over at 24/7 Wall Street they wondered what percentage of adults are binge drinkers or report heavy drinking. They used these and other factors such as bars per capita across over 350 cities to come up with the 10 drunkest cities in America.

Here is that list in all of it’s glory!

Wait was Wisconsin on that list 7 times?

Yes, Wisconsin makes up 70% of the 10 ten drunkest cities in America. Beer and Cheese, it’s a right of passage in the state of Wisconsin

Another thing to note is not only is St. Louis not on this list but not one city in Missouri has enough heavy drinkers to come close to the top ten. Get it together Missouri. Do your part to help us get on this list next year and get down to The Post Sports Bar & Grill for some good ‘ole American drinking!