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NBA Team Entertainment Rankings

October 10th, 2017

The NBA season starts on Thursday, October 17th with a glorious Kyrie vs Lebron matchup in the East.  Its a royal shame that Isaiah won’t be participating in this one.  Make sure to come up to The Post for your NBA viewing pleasure (we’ve got the NBA season pass… we may live in a baseball town but we’re equally NBA fans) and great specials which include an all new progressive happy hour form 2-7pm starting with $1 drinks between 2pm-3pm

If you’re an NBA fan, being that the season is still more than two weeks away we’ve found something else to possibly perk your reading interest in the meantime.  the NBA team entertainment rankings!  Those are the rankings that matter in the grand scheme of things when considering that #WarriorsVsCavsPart4 is inevitable. 

And let’s be honest, we can’t mention entertainment rankings without giving a shoutout to the #1 all time NBA entertainment personality… Sir Charles of Barkley


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