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Posting up with The Hancock and Kelley Show

August 18th, 2017

The Professor of Post and The Cocktail Queen were live today on KMOX’s The Hancock and Kelley Show.  Check the audio clip out to #StayPosted on new developments!  We give you a little preview about where Post #3 is slated to be opening (HINT… it’s a South County municipality that rhymes with Benton).  

The professor also provides some insight as to why Fantasy Draft Season at The Post is a spectacle in it of itself.  The Cocktail Queen reminds us of why it’s not always best to order that coldest craft brew on tap, but to instead switch it up with one of our refreshing summertime cocktails (such as The Kentucky Lemonade)

… I’m getting thirsty.  That means it’s to Post up at The Post Sports Bar & Grill