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First Place Was Pretty Cool, I Guess

May 18th, 2017

Cardinals Baseball

The Cardinals dropped two tough games in a row to the Boston Red Sox, which is okay ‘cuz they’re literally in a different League, and they always beat us anyway. Now the Redbirds can move on to non-interleague games that matter more. First off, the struggling Giants. Struggling teams have been the bread & butter for this year’s Cardinals, so 2 or 3 wins are likely on the horizon this weekend. If you’re not going to make it all the way downtown to catch them live, Post Up at the most comfortable place in public to watch baseball, The Post Sports Bar & Grill. We have a bunch of tv’s showing the Cardinals and any other MLB game you may be interested in, double-padded posting chairs, and the friendliest staff bringing you your favorite foods and drinks! If it’s been a while since you Posted Up with a pitcher and a cheesesteak, Post-Its, baked wings, and a pizza, you need to get back in here and do that soon. During every Cardinals game we’ll have our 22 oz mixed drink & draft special, shot special, and 10% off regular prices just for wearing Cardinals gear! Come during a Tuesday or Friday game and we’ll be giving away tickets to an upcoming game live, in-house! So for the rest of the season, if it’s not an all-inclusive ticket at Busch Stadium, or the couch you love at home, come Post Up with some familiar comfort at your neighborhood fan cave, The Post Sports Bar & Grill! Stay Posted My Friends!

*** Ticket Giveaway Game

Friday 5/19 vs. San Francisco Giants @ 7:15p ***

Saturday 5/20 vs. San Francisco Giants @ 6:15p

Sunday 5/21 vs. San Francisco Giants @ 1:15p


NBA Playoffs!

Both Conference Finals have begun, and the two best teams are looking like the two best teams. Hopefully Kawhi Leonard can come back and make the Western Conference a matchup, but on the other side the Cavs will lose as many games as they darn well please. Watch two of the best teams this current century tune-up for The Trilogy at St. Louis’s home for the persecuted NBA fan, The Post Sports Bar & Grill! 

Friday 5/ 19  Cavs vs. Celtics Game 2 @ 7:30p

Saturday 5/20  Warriors vs. Spurs Game 3 @ 8:00p

Sunday 5/21  Celtics vs. Cavs Game 3 @ 7:30p

Every night thereafter until 2 teams are left…NBA Conference Finals Action @ The Post!


The Post Sports Bar & Grill
Stay Posted, My Friends.