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Cardinals vs. Good Competition!

May 22nd, 2017

Cardinals Baseball

As the Cardinals sit in second place, they are looking ahead to competitive baseball that will test them into the first week of June. With series against the Dodgers, Rockies, Dodgers again, and Cubs, we’re about to find out what this early season team is made of. With all these solid games coming up, you’ll want to Post Up with the best bar atmosphere in St. Louis for Cardinals baseball, at The Post Sports Bar & Grill! During every game we have 22oz mixed drink and draft specials, shot specials, and 10% off regular prices just for wearing Birds gear! Post Up during a Tuesday and Friday game, and we give away tickets live, in-house! So make plans over the next few weeks to get over to your neighborhood fan cave and relax in our double padded chairs with your favorite foods at The Post Sports Bar & Grill! Stay Posted my Friends!

*** Ticket Giveaway Games!

Tuesday 5/23 vs. Dodgers @ 9p***

Wednesday 5/24 vs. Dodgers @ 9:10p

Thursday 5/25 vs. Dodgers @ 9:10p

Friday 5/26 vs. Rockies @ 7:40p***

Saturday 5/27 vs. Rockies @ 8:10p

Sunday 5/28 vs. Rockies  @ 2:10p


The Post Sports Bar & Grill
Stay Posted, My Friends.