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#PostNFLAwayTeam Winners Week 12!

November 23rd, 2016



Week 12’s #PostNFLAwayTeam winners are the Kansas City, Missouri Chiefs in Maplewood and the Arizona (formerly St. Louis) Cardinals in Creve Coeur!! This is about as close as it gets to a local flair here in the Lou. The Chiefs have a huge game at Denver on Sunday night at 7:30pm and the Cardinals head south to Atlanta in an important game against the Falcons at noon Sunday. Come Post Up Post-Thanksgiving as the NFL playoff picture begins to take shape!!  Don’t forget to vote for week 13 to get your team the #PostNFLAwayTeam treatment!

chiefs-away-team-mw-wk12 cardinals-away-team-cc-wk12


Post Home Teams!

As always, the Post Home Teams each week getting their own specials are the Packers in Maplewood and the Panthers in Creve Coeur!  The Packers take on Philadelphia at 7:30pm Sunday night, and the Panthers head west to Oakland for a 3:25pm Sunday start.

gb-packers-home-team carolina-panthers-home-team


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