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Hwockey’s back with an Auston T(dot) Party!

October 13th, 2016


NHL Hwockey!Patriotic Johnny - Post Flag

Wow, what a start to the ice hockey season! The Blues trounced their death rivals, the Blackhawks, and the rookie Auston Matthews put up four goals in his first NHL game ever for Toronto! Now the Maple Leafs still lost 4-5, but Auston is a proud American who will one day dawn the Red, White, and Blue only to turn against his Ontarian fans and defeat Team Canada for international glory. What a work!


Well tonight it’s the first home game for the Blues at 7pm against the Minnesota Wild, and we’ll have all the action at the best sports bar in St. Louis, The Post Sports Bar & Grill!! You’ll be greeted by a great hockey atmosphere, double padded chairs, 22oz drink specials, shot specials, your favorite foods like pizza, wings, cheesesteaks, and Post-Its, as well as a bunch of HD tv’s! We also give away Blues tickets live in-house during every Thursday and Friday game! Tonight we’ll be giving tickets away for the 10/15 game against the New York Ranjaz’! Check our Facebook pages at Maplewood and Creve Coeur an hour before tonight’s game time for more details on how to win! And if you’ve already got tickets for today’s game, come before, after, or during for 20% off regular prices for showing that day’s Blues ticket!

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MLB Playoffs Winner Take All

We’ll simultaneously be showing the MLB Game 5, winner-take-all showdown for the right to break the Cubs heart in the NLCS next week, ‘cuz we have all those HD tv’s and are gonna use the crap out of them. It’s the Dodgers vs. the Nationals for a spot in the final four! Check it out while you also glance at the Broncos/Chargers Thursday Night Football game, because again, we have a ton of tv’s we can use and can show you everything the whole world of sports has to offer. Indonesian leg wrestling starts at 10:30pm tonight for those that crave live sports at all times.


St. Louis’s own, Mad Max Scherzer takes the mound tonight in winner-take-all showdown


Don’t forget our #PostNFLAwayTeam voting runs all week and gets announced every Wednesday. This week it’s the Steelers in Maplewood and the Packers in Creve Coeur! Steelers play at noon on Sunday at Miami and the Packers host the Cowboys later on at 3:25pm. Fans of both teams will enjoy game sound, drink/shot specials, and 10% off regular prices for wearing team gear! 

steelers-away-team-6-mw packers-away-team-6


Of course our season long Post Home Teams don’t change, so every week it’s the Packers in Maplewood and the Panthers in Creve Coeur! This week Packer fans can enjoy the Home Team Packers on the big screen at Maplewood (like any other week) or check them out as the #PostNFLAwayTeam at the patio in Heartbreak City Creve Coeur!

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