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Cards Cubs Rubber Day-Game!

September 14th, 2016



As was mentioned here yesterday, the Cardinals weren’t going to let one go after almost getting no hit, and Brandon Moss of all slumpers hit the game winning two run dinger to make sure of it. Throw in an excellent pitching performance from one of The Post’s favorites, Alex Reyes, and you have a team overall that does indeed put some fear into the dominant Cubs. Cubs fans and pundits would least like to see the Redbirds in the playoffs knowing that the Cardinals have played them better than anyone in their path of destruction all year. In fact the Cardinals have a winning record against the Cubs right now! Let’s add to that with a day-game win today at Busch!! Taking two of three from the top team in baseball, by the Best Team In Baseball, would be huge! Also huge would be taking it in at your and most people’s favorite sports bar, The Post Sports Bar & Grill! We’ll have draft specials, shot specials for Macho Man Randy Grichuk homers, and if you have a ticket to today’s game, bring it before or afterwards to get 20% off your tab! Too hot outside? Stick around with your ticket for 20% off your entire stay!

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Trivia Wednesdays

It’s every Wednesday night from 8-10pm at The Post and it’s one of the best games in town! Why? Because it’s very well organized with winners every week, seasonal winners after each 10 week season, and a yearly grand champion of champions! Prizes include a trip to Vegas! Check out The Post’s Trivia!

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Post NFL Home Teams

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Congrats to the winners of our pre-season social media contest, the Green Bay Packers in Maplewood and the Carolina Panthers at Creve Coeur!! They’ll both be receiving our “Home Team” treatment all year long at their respective locations! Drink specials, discounts on tabs for wearing Home Team gear, your game on the central big screen with surround sound, and of course Jordy Juice at Maplewood and Panther Punch at Creve Coeur when Jordy or Kelvin score!!

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