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Trivial Wednesday

August 24th, 2016


Join us every Wednesday for one of the best Trivia Nights in St. Louis! Every week at The Post Sports Bar & Grill we host a night of one of our 10-week long Trivia Seasons which ultimately crowns a seasonal champion that then goes on to the end of year Trivia Championships were all the 10-week seasonal champs, and whoever else wants to challenge, come together for the chance to win cash grand prizes and a Las Vegas trip! But you don’t have to win the year-end Trivia Championships to be a winner. We have cash prizes for winning at every level whether it’s a 10-week seasonal champion, that Wednesday night’s one-day winner, or just one of the many winners of one of the rounds from that night, you’re sure to reach the peak at some point! Come join one of the most festive Trivia Nights in the area at your favorite sports bar, The Post!! The fun starts at 8pm every Wednesday!!

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Well, the Cardinals slipped back into their home ways. The best thing to do while the birds are at Busch is to watch the games at your favorite place that’s not Busch. Hopefully that’s The Post, and if you’re reading this, we’re confident we’re in your top 3. So forget the Busch Stadium Blahs, and make it down to The Post where we have so many tv’s you’ll be able to avert your eyes to another event when the Cardinals aren’t making you as happy as you planned. The soft, padded seats will put your body at ease, and the drink specials and appetizers are sure you keep you satiated. This is all just feel-good hedging for that redbirds home game, but it definitely works… and one more reason for you, since it’s Wednesday, it’s also our Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Johnny’s Daily Deal day!! For just $5.99, you get one of our most popular choices all freakin day!


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And don’t forget, if you need a catered lunch for that work event or any other gathering, we have some of the best boxed lunches around at some of the best prices you’ll find! And our easy-to-use, streamlined online ordering system makes it simple to order without any of the hassles you’re used to, so be sure to check us out for your next group meeting!!

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