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August 3rd, 2016


The first Wednesday of the month might make you happy, sad, or likely indifferent, but at The Post Sports Bar and Grill, Wednesday means Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Deal Day! Every day we have our Johnny’s Daily Deal, but Wednesday is the day our second most popular sandwich goes on special ALL DAY for just $5.99! Second in popularity to only our famous Cheesesteak sandwich, but getting the Buffalo Chicken is like getting Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, or Lebron James in a basketball pickup game (or whichever of those guys you consider to be the second best player in the world!) Not bad for $5.99 including a side!!


Post buffalo chicken sandwich


Well, the Cardinals didn’t pitch too well late in last night’s game. It’s the kind of loss that should spur a winning streak. With returns to hoss cats Brandon Moss and Chris Carpenter there is some hope to think this weak turn in the schedule will be salvaged and their early-August run will get back on track. Part of the reason they lost is ‘cuz you weren’t at the best sports bar around, The Post! It’s Wednesday now though, so come out to the bar to watch the Birds out-lumber the Reds and get game time drink specials (as well as access to the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Meal for just $5.99 today!)

Finally, the middle of summer can throw us off. Sometimes the heat and monotony can make us forget even the most important of events. Well, let’s take care of that by getting you to get your Fantasy Football Draft set up at The Post Sports Bar! It’s the place in St. Louis for the discerning fantasy sports commissioner, as you’re sure to finally get on the good side of your league members (at least til you have to beg for dues).

Fantasy Draft - The Belt - 2015 Fantasy Draft - 4th and long - 2015Vote Johnny Post - Draft magnet



P.S. Stay out of Joey Votto’s way!


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