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Wednesday Night Trivia… Bring Your Thinking Caps

June 15th, 2016

Wednesday Night Trivia is going down tonight at your favorite restaurant and bar in St.Louis.  Trivia lasts 5 rounds, 15 questions each round.  We play for keeps… so don’t even think about getting your smart phone out for help.  Winning team each round wins a free bucket of beer and the winning team on the night wins a $50 gift card!

Chug Offs are one of the best things separating The Post’s trivia from your run of the mill bar trivia.  Any rounds ending in a tie results in a chug off between one designated member of all tied teams (We’ve had up to 10 teams tie before… that’s a lot of chugging)

If you haven’t enrolled in our trivia season you need to get your team together and do so.  The trivia season lasts 10 weeks and we give out mega gift card $$$’s to the championship teams at each location.  Plus if your team has perfect attendance (participate in 9 out of 10 weeks), you’re included in our complimentary end of Trivia Season Pizza and Pitcher Party.  So no matter how little your team knows, you can theoretically still win something (Kinda like getting a 8th place ribbon that’s worth something)

If you come, don’t get agitated if you get heckled by our Trivia MC’s, they get mistaken for stand up comedians at times.  Let the games begin at 8pm!

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