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Trivia Hot Spot (Get your hints & answers here)

June 22nd, 2016

Some people call us a restaurant, some call us a bar, some call us the best sports bar in town, others call us a trivia hot spot, and then there are the minority on yelp who call us the worst food and beverage establishment known to man kind.  Assuming you don’t fall into that last bucket of people, we suggest that you listen to the 4th group for a second and come out for trivia tonight.

Starts at 8pm.  Winning team each round receives a free bucket of beer.  Winning team on the night wins a $50 gift card.  Then there are the infamous chug offs for any rounds ending in a tie…hence it behooves every team to bring one Frat Guy friend who serves as your wild card in these instances.

This week is Trivia season week #8.  Reminder to all registered Trivia teams that if you have perfect attendance for the season you get a free invite to our end of season pizza & pitcher party.  And we’re lenient, our definition of perfect attendance is 9 out of 10 weeks.

This week’s trivia hints are categories.  One category will be friends trivia.  Another will be 1980’s trivia (God the 1980’s rocked… #TheBreakfastClub).  Good luck and if you stick around after trivia we’ve got late night happy hour that starts at 10pm.

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