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June 3rd — National Brian Day

June 2nd, 2016

We take pride in honoring extraordinary guests and friends at The Post Sports Bar & Grill .  Therefore June 3rd is National Brian Day at your favorite restaurant & bar in St.Louis!

Happy Hour JohnnyIf your name is Brian, Johnny Post is cheers-ing you with a FREE 16oz beer on the one day of the year that is dedicated to all people named Brian.

It’s by no coincidence that the name “Brian” is now thrown around in like conversations with “Michael”, “Shaquille” & “Kobe”.  It takes an extraordinary human specimen to achieve a three-peat in sports… and it takes an absolutely perfectly ordinary specimen to three-peat for the vaunted “Bro of the Year” award.  Both specimens are equally as rare.

2014 - Berninger RookieBars wouldn’t be as joyous and nights out with the guys wouldn’t be as festive without men like you.  So to all Brians world wide, On behalf of all bar & restaurant goers in St.Louis we salute you for being an inspiration and we thank you for being the entertainment.  Post on my friends!

If you have a friend named Brian who might not be on social media or might not be aware of this righteous day, we urge you to be a good samaritan and pass along the good fortune.

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