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Nacho lovers beware… $5.99 Nachos all day on Sundays

June 5th, 2016

Your favorite restaurant and bar in St.Louis provides one menu item on special for $5.99 every day of the week (It’s called out Johnny’s Daily Deal Special for those who were wondering).  On Sundays that item is our city acclaimed nachos.  I’m by no means a nacho afficianado, but many of our guests who are swear by our nachos.  I think the key is in the preparation, we put the plate through the convector oven to thoroughly and evenly melt the cheese, which gives our nacho platter that extreme gooey cheesie presentation that make them undeniably difficult to not pick at if they’re sitting in front of you at a table.

In an effort to be good sports, we’d like to congratulate the San Jose Sharks on their Franchise’s first ever Stanley Cup Finals win (a single game… not to be confused with the series).  They’re still down 2-1 to the Penguins, but they’re not out of it.

There’s a lot going on today as the Golden State Warriors play the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 2 of the NBA Finals at 7pm.  We’re curious to see how Lebron and Co react after that bizarre game #1.  Klay and Curry are sure to step it up, so the Cavs offense better be prepared to shoot a little better tonight.  We’ve still got our $10 weekend bucket special of Miller/Coors running as well, so “drinks are cheap” is putting it lightly.  So if you feel like posting up at the bar for some NBA action tonight, we’re open arms (and a few open chairs) here at The Post Sports Bar & Grill!

And if you’re not coming out tonight because you’re posting up at home watching Game of Thrones, we understand… do what you got to do and Post on!

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