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Monday’s aren’t so bad… when polished off with Happy Hour

June 6th, 2016

No one likes Mondays.  Monday Night Football makes Mondays slightly more palatable, but that’s only during Football season.  So our suggestion on how to get through the worst day of the week is a little thing we in the restaurant and bar industry call “Happy Hour”.

It’s all about perspective.  If you start the day off by dangling a carrot at the end of it (happy hour being that carrot), the day doesn’t seem half as bad.  So call up your friends (or send out a facebook invite, or tweet it, or whatever your preferred method of communication is) and let them know you’ll promptly be heading to the best sports bar in St.Louis for happy hour at 4pm and that you’ll be there until 7pm enjoying some unbeatable happy hour specials including:  $2 domestic drafts, $3 wells, and $5 select appetizers.

If your friends have any common sense about them, they’ll be joining you not only for the moral support but to get on board your line of thinking… because its genious.

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