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Monday NBA Finals Hangover

June 20th, 2016

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the 2016 Stanley Cup Champions, and as of last night the Cleveland Cavaliers accomplished what no other team in NBA history has done, come from down 3-1 to win an NBA finals series.  Moreover it was against the 73 win all-time single season record Golden State Warriors.

For all of the Lebron haters out there, we certainly hope this championship lays your quams with his pedigree and his place in NBA lore to rest.  He put together one of the best statistical NBA Finals Series in history.  He all but willed The Cavaliers back into contention with two straight 41 point games.  If you look a little closer the stats that jump out though are his defensive activity stats (blocks/steals).  He summoned his inner Kraken and reaked havoc on the Warriors defensively.  Hats off to coach Tyron Lue who put together a masterful defensive scheme which held Curry and Thompson both in check for most of the series.

Congratulations to the City of Cleveland, its been a long time coming and The Post Sports Bar & Grill salutes your sportsmanlike acceptance of the Larry O’Brien Trophy.  No overturned cop cars, no brawls, no shattered windows… just a whole bunch of good hearted midwestern fans savoring the sweet taste of victory (likely ingredients include some combination of: champagne, beers, lagers, porters, fantas, whiskey, wings, burgers, and skittles and snickers).

And now what… the dog days of summer are upon us until Football draft season starts.  The Cardinals are plugging away as usual, but the summer is typically an uninspired sports season.  Thankfully this summer we’ve got the Euro Cup and Copa America.  The US keeps finding ways to win and will play Argentina in the semis on Tuesday.  If you’re looking to get out of the house, come Post up at your favorite restaurant and bar in St. Louis to get your thrills.  Plus our Tuesday Daily Deal special is the $5.99 Cheesesteak, which can really only be topped by all day happy hour prices (and yes, we have those as well).  Plus we love a good old fashioned U-S-A chant mid game.  We’ll likely be the ones getting the chant started, so make sure to bring your national pride.

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