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Hooray for Fridays… and thanks to industry staff

June 10th, 2016

We often dredge through the week anxiously awaiting the return of yet another Friday.  Fridays are synonymous with: weekend, happy hour, half days of work, vacation sodas, leisure, restaurants, bars, laughs, friends, REST, etc.  Really most pleasures in life can be had on Fridays.  the thing that makes Fridays so great is not only the anticipation leading up to this marvelous day, but then the aftermath… Its not like Christmas where you have a sense of emptiness the day after… no, quite the opposite.  The day after Friday is Saturday, and Saturdays ROCK!  That’s what makes Fridays so special, there’s no sour after taste (unless of course you went all out with your Friday celebration and had one too many beers in the process)

So while all of you are out enjoying your Friday… whether it be at the stadium, the museum, a restaurant, a bar, a race track, etc.  Make sure to smile and thank the industry staff members that are making your Friday leisure activity possible.  They work the long and hard weekends so you can kick back, relax and enjoy yourself a cold frothy beer and cheesesteak (speaking of which is the Johnny’s Daily Deal Special at The Post on Fridays… $5.99 cheesesteak special all day/night).

Yeah, we’re here to take care of you on Fridays so come take us up on the offer!

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