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Finals please

May 28th, 2016

The beginning of June is one of the best two weeks of sports due to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and the NBA Finals.  The Stanley Cup Finals are currently set with The Penguins playing the Sharks.  The NBA finals will possibly be set tonight if OKC can win on their home floor against Golden State (To no one’s surprise Cleveland advanced out of the East).

Even if I’m not passionate about any of these teams (which is NOT the case this year) it’s two of the only weeks out of the year where I can just watch sports for the sports themselves.  The best players, the best teams, no fantasy implications… its pure.  It’s so pure I tend to feel the need to belly up to a bar have a few beers and some ‘healthy’ baked wings to fully soak it all in and appreciate it for what it is.  If you’re looking for a restaurant or bar to watch AND listen to the games in St. Louis, look no further than The Post Sports Bar & Grill… we love shameless self promotion, but hey its true!  We’ve got some of the best specials in town (gameday, happy hour… you name it) to go along with all of that pure sports action.  Seriously, no other sports bars, restaurants, or bars will replicate the NBA/NHL Finals atmosphere you’re looking for here in STL!

We’re picking Pittsburgh and Cleveland (regardless of who they play) to win both Finals.  Do yourself a favor and come over to The Post Sports Bar & Grill to try one (or more) of our 20+ beers on tap at both our Creve Coeur and Maplewood locations.  Order yourself some wings and pizza to calm your stomach in the event you’ve bet your mortgage on either series.  Then Post Up and enjoy The Finals

Your Gameday Office.  Stay Posted.