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You want another excuse to Post Up?
We’ve got events lined up 24/7!

Post (noun): The common utopia sought by all sports fanatics. A state of complete mental and physical relaxation.
Ex: Wings, Beer, and a Monday night game…all the right ingredients for the perfect post.

Post (verb): The refined art of maximizing personal repose while minimizing the exertion of energy.
Ex: Why get up to grab food from the fridge when you can post up at the bar, watch the game,and have the food come to you?

Post (adj): A natural state of hibernation and tranquility resulting from the combination of leisurely activities and good company.
Ex: Actually, we´ve got a nice little Saturday planned. We´re gonna´ watch the games up at the bar… maybe go to home depot… I don´t know, I don´t know if we´ll be too posted.